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Bespoke Policy


Our bespoke service is tailored for customers seeking beyond-the-norm customization. We understand that standardised designs may not always meet unique demands or fulfil specialised uses for every client. Therefore, we have cultivated this service to bridge that gap, allowing for personalised adaptations of our existing designs or the creation of entirely new ones. 

However, it’s essential to recognize that while our bespoke service expands the realm of possibilities, it still operates within the confines of our materials, expertise, and manufacturing processes. The service is not an open canvas but rather a guided customisation, ensuring both feasibility and a quality final product. We work closely with our clients every step of the way, ensuring the balance between their vision and our capabilities is achieved.

To maintain transparency, it’s pivotal to understand potential additional fees that might be incurred due to changes or oversights post-design approval:

Potential Additional Fees:

  • Redesign Costs: Charges for making adjustments to the initial design.
  • Material Costs: Fees for any additional materials required due to changes or adjustments.
  • Set-up and Machining Costs: Prices for the machine time and preparation.
  • Processing Costs: Charges associated with additional processing steps or corrections.
  • Rebooking Costs: In cases where adjustments can’t be completed on the initially scheduled day, there may be fees to reschedule the job.

Common Problems & Frequent Issues

1. Design Approvals:

One of the primary issues we face is clients hastily approving their technical drawings without a full grasp of the design. We emphasise the importance of meticulously reviewing and understanding the provided technical drawings.

Policy: Once a design is approved, it’s considered final. If post-approval, the client identifies discrepancies or changes needed, the above-listed potential additional fees will come into play. We urge clients to maintain open communication with our designers until they’ve achieved full clarity on their design.

2. Incorrect Vehicle Details:

Supplying accurate vehicle details is pivotal for a successful bespoke job. Tailored to the specific make, model, and year, any oversight here can lead to racking systems that don’t fit or function optimally.

It’s the client’s responsibility to verify the vehicle details on their order. If details are incorrect and affect the manufacturing, the potential additional fees listed above will be applied.

3. Delay in Design Approval: 

Delays could lead to rebooking with potential additional costs.

Bespoke Process

  1. Consultation
    • Available via call, email, or in-person visits on weekdays from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm. 
    • Initial discussions led by customer service and may include racking designers where required. 
    • Email is recommended for initial enquiries.
    • Full vehicle details and customer contact details required.
  2. Quotation:
    • Quotation will aim to reasonably itemise what is within the remit of the bespoke job.
    • Clients should gain clarification if their quotation does not cover their whole requests.
    • Prices may be calculated based on; design modifications & complexity, material usage, set-up costs, machining costs, processing costs and vehicle details.
    • Quotations are invitations to tender and generally valid for 7 days.
    • Quotations are subject to change depending on any issues or errors.
  3. Booking
    • 50% deposit required to schedule a job.
    • Option to pay for just the bespoke design fee to gain visuals before proceeding with the job.
    • Bespoke design fee is non-refundable once initial visuals have been provided.
    • Visuals not provided before payment due to time & cost involved in drawing them.
    • Jobs must commence within 3 months of initial quotation or re-quoting may apply.
  4. Design & CAD
    • Quotation includes a reasonable amount of iterations.
    • Large changes may require re-quoting and additional design fees.
    • Large changes may include changes in the product layout and/or product types.
    • Initial requests may end up not being possible – we will suggest possible alternatives and if no solution is available we will refund the design cost and/or deposit.
    • Designs to use our choice of construction methods, materials and fixings.
    • All changes must be approved in writing via email.
    • Final approval by the client confirms they have thoroughly reviewed the plans, layout & dimensions and are satisfied with the design.
  5. Post-Approval
    • Changes after approval may involve fees. These can include; design fees, set up fees, machining fees, processing fees & material fees.
    • Changes after approval may push back fitting to another time/date.
  6. Post-Completion
    • Bespoke work is outside of our standard warranty.