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Recommended Van Racking Layouts for Electricians

Medium Size Panel Vans – images show Ford Custom L1H1

Van Racking for Electricians

Electricians deal with an extensive range of tools and equipment, they require a van racking solution that not only provides ample storage but also ensures easy accessibility and effective organization. Cable reels, electrical fittings, power tools, testing equipment, and personal protective equipment are just a few items that an electrician would need to store. Not to mention, an efficient system to keep track of smaller items like screws, terminals, connectors, and other electrical hardware is paramount.


For electricians, we recommend starting with a half-length false floor, combined with a driver-side racking bundle. A key feature of this setup is an optional drawer that can be added to the false floor, providing a secure space for storing valuable items or frequently used tools. This system not only aids in organization but also maximizes the use of space within the van.


The layout pictured shows a Combo No.7. It offers 12 dedicated bays designed to accommodate euro containers, providing ample space for systematic segregation and storage of various components. This, paired with 2 Organiser modules, provides an excellent solution for categorizing smaller items like fittings and fixtures. The Organiser modules come with removable dividers that can be adjusted according to your specific needs.


The Organiser Modules can be raised to create additional space underneath, accommodating larger items such as cable drums, without compromising the organization of smaller components. This flexibility makes it an ideal solution for electricians, allowing them to tailor their storage space according to their changing needs on the job.


  • Lockable Drawers

    Our false floor van drawers come with 2 latches that can be locked if required.

  • Upgraded Security

    For additional security in your van, you can choose a false floor which accepts Armorgard TKD1s.

  • Passenger-side Racking

    Optimise your space further by adding a passenger-side racking, the most common being an Organiser unit.

    Want bespoke?

    We create custom rackings, false flooring and more. If there's something you need that you don't see above. Get in touch.