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Racking Options

When it comes to van racking, there are several types of shelves that businesses can choose from to create an efficient and organised storage solution in their van. These include slanted/inclined shelves, organiser shelves, raised floors/false floors/floating floors, van drawers/pull out shelves, & lockable storage, each offering unique benefits to suit different needs. Several of our van shelf types are adjustable, allowing these van shelves to be easily moved or removed to accommodate tools and equipment of varying sizes.

  • Combo Units

    Kickstart your storage solution journey with our Combo Units – the backbone of most setups we offer. Perfectly designed to be installed along the length of the driver’s side of your van, these units offer an impressive versatility with a variety of layout options and storage styles. What’s more, they maintain a generous amount of floor space, ensuring your workspace remains uncluttered and accessible.


    Our Combo Units comprise multiple ‘sections’ of varying widths. These sections can be tailored to your needs with the addition or removal of modules, providing a flexibility that caters to the dynamic requirements of different trades. With our Combo Units, you get the unique opportunity to create a setup that seamlessly aligns with your work routine, enhancing efficiency while keeping your tools and materials organised and secure.

    • Key Features

    • Versatile

      Huge number of layout options

    • Spacious

      Ample floor space within the van

    • Modifiable

      Allows for the addition or removal of modules

  • Single Units

    Introducing our Single Units, a perfect solution for those looking to augment their storage space without compromising the overall area within their vans. Comprised of one, or sometimes two sections, these units provide an efficient and simple solution to your storage needs.


    Typically, these units find their ideal position over the passenger-side wheel arch area, seamlessly adding on to the existing storage without crowding your workspace. For those whose storage requirements are minimal, our Single Units also offer the flexibility to be installed independently, offering a tidy and effective storage solution that keeps your tools and materials readily accessible.


    The design of our Single Units is driven by simplicity and efficiency, allowing for one style of module or shelving type to effortlessly keep your workspace organized and your tools securely stowed. Choose our Single Units for a storage solution that moulds to your specific needs, providing just the right amount of storage without occupying too much of your van’s space.

    • Key Features

    • Compact

      Increased storage occupying minimal space

    • Flexible

      Installed independently for those requiring moderate storage solutions

    • Simplified

      Streamlined storage with a consistent module or shelving type

  • False Floors

    Also known as False Floors and Floating Floors

    Dive into the versatility and utility of our False Floors. As part of our commitment to optimizing space and functionality within your van, we’ve developed a diverse range of false floors designed to accommodate your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to store lengthy items like ladders or conduit, safeguard your tools in secure vaults, or simply need a sturdy and convenient surface, our false floors have got you covered.


    Our range includes both half-length and full-length options, providing the flexibility to choose the layout that fits best with your workflow. For those needing specific solutions, we also offer false floors equipped with drawers or security vaults, offering a secure, organized, and space-efficient way to keep your tools and materials in place.


    Our false floors are not just about practicality – they also bring an additional layer of professionalism to your van, keeping it neat, tidy, and ready for any job. Choose our false floors for a smarter and more efficient workspace on wheels.

    • Key Features

    • Adaptable Design

      Half-length and full-length options

    • Secure Convenience

      Optional lockable drawers or security vaults

    • Functional Variety

      Huge number of different variations to cover most functions

  • Bundles

    Our bundles serve as an innovative solution for those seeking an integrated storage system, merging both racking and false floors into one cohesive unit. Crafted with the user’s needs in mind, these bundles provide a streamlined approach to van organization, ensuring every inch of space is utilized efficiently while maintaining accessibility.


    By opting for our bundled solutions, customers not only benefit from a tailor-made layout designed to their specifications but also enjoy significant cost savings. This combination of value and customization is at the heart of our approach, emphasizing the importance of a user-centric design that doesn’t compromise on affordability.


    In essence, our bundles offer a harmonious blend of our top-tier racking systems and versatile false floors. Whether you’re seeking a comprehensive storage overhaul or a minor tweak to your existing setup, our bundled solutions stand as a testament to functionality, design, and value.

  • Modules

    We’ve crafted a dynamic range of modules to suit various storage needs, ensuring that your van is not only organized but also tailor-fit to your specific requirements. Whether you’re storing tool boxes, euro containers, or you simply need an adaptable storage space, our modules have been designed with you in mind.


    Our modules range from slanted or angled options, perfect for tool boxes and euro containers, to flat shelving units that offer a more traditional storage space. Moreover, we offer modules with removable or adjustable dividers, adding an extra degree of customization to your van storage.


    But we’re not stopping there. As part of our commitment to providing the best in van storage solutions, we’re continuously developing new and improved modules. Stay tuned for more exciting and innovative additions to our module line-up.

    • Key Features

    • Versatile Range

      Various options to cater to diverse storage needs

    • Customisable Storage

      Designed to adjust and accommodate tool boxes, euro containers, and more

    • Continuously Expanding

      New modules consistently in development to broaden your storage options

  • Extras

    Complete your storage system with our exceptional range of Extras. Designed to fine-tune and maximize your storage potential, our extras ensure no space is left un-utilised. They seamlessly assemble and mount onto the ends of our racking system, amplifying its utility.


    In our line-up, you will find extras crafted for an array of specific needs. From holders for silicone or mastic tubes to end pots designed for those miscellaneous items, we ensure there’s a place for everything in your mobile workspace. Our extras even include standardized Euro containers, providing reliable and secure storage for a wide range of goods.


    But our extras don’t stop there. At Yoke Vans, we’re always on the move. We’re continuously developing and testing new products that cater to the diverse requirements of our customers, ensuring we always stay a step ahead of your storage needs. Keep an eye out for more innovative and practical additions to our Extras range.

    • Key Features

    • Optimisation

      Extras designed to make the most of your space

    • Functional Variety

      Extras ranging from silicone tube holders, end pots, to standardised euro-containers

  • Security

    Enjoy peace of mind with our robust Security Options. We understand that your tools and equipment aren’t just valuable, they’re essential for your work. That’s why our standard false floor drawers are designed with lockable latches, giving you the freedom to choose between convenience and security based on your individual requirements.


    For those who need an additional layer of protection, we offer upgrades to Armorgard TKD1 security drawers as part of our false floor options. Renowned for their strength and durability, these high-security drawers provide a formidable barrier against theft, ensuring your valuables stay safe even in demanding conditions.


    At Yoke Vans, we’re dedicated to safeguarding your tools of the trade. We continually explore and introduce more advanced security solutions, allowing you to work with confidence, knowing your tools and equipment are securely stowed away.

    • Key Features

    • Adaptable Security

      Default false floor drawers feature lockable latches, offering a balance between security and convenience

    • Advanced Protection

      Upgrade options to Armorgard TKD1 security drawers available for enhanced asset safety

    • Peace of Mind

      Secure storage solutions designed to protect valuable tools and materials on the go