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Recommended Van Racking Layouts for Tilers

Medium Size Panel Vans – images show Ford Custom L2H1

Van Racking for Tilers

Our recommended van racking layout for tilers integrates practicality and versatility to facilitate easy storage and organization of your tools and supplies. From tile cutters to cement boards, our layout accommodates all, delivering the ideal storage solution that meets the unique needs of your trade.


The design commences with a half-length false floor, providing abundant storage space for various items. With its inbuilt drawers, you can safely store and lock away valuables or conveniently keep tile cutters, once the dividers are removed. Furthermore, the open bays underneath the false floor are often suitable for cement boards, although we recommend checking dimensions before ordering to ensure the best fit.


The core of the design rests in the Combo No.9 driver side racking, engineered to maximize versatility. It houses numerous slanted shelves, perfect for storing tool boxes, and several euro container bays that make sorting small to medium-sized goods a breeze. Additionally, the inclusion of 2 bare bones modules provides convenient storage for vacuums or tool bags. To top it off, the layout also incorporates a continuous top shelf that conveniently holds longer items.


For the passenger side, we suggest integrating an organiser for its adept capacity to store miscellaneous small items. Offering adjustable cubby holes, this racking can store all those remaining bits and pieces you are unsure where to store. Combined, this layout provides an efficient, well-organised workspace, tailored to meet the specific storage needs of tilers.


  • False Floor Van Drawers

    Our drawers are an ideal way to organiser lock away your valuables or using the removable dividers, you can make the space suitable to bigger items such as tile cutters.

  • Hatches for Dust Sheets

    In the longer wheelbase medium size vans, the false floor drawers will come with hatches behind them. These are a great location to keep your dust sheets out of the way.

  • Passenger-side Racking

    Extend the versatility of your racking by consider an Organiser style racking on the passenger side. This will help tidy up the last of the small things you don’t know where to put.

    Want bespoke?

    We create custom rackings, false flooring and more. If there's something you need that you don't see above. Get in touch.