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Recommended Van Racking Layouts for Plumbers

Medium Size Panel Vans – images show Ford Custom L1H1

Van Racking for Plumbers

Plumbers face a diverse array of storage needs – from various sized pipes, fittings, and fixtures to an assortment of hand and power tools. Additionally, they also require ample space for larger equipment such as drain snakes or pipe cutters, along with smaller items like seals and solvents.


Our top recommendation for plumbers is the Combo No.9, a racking solution thoughtfully designed with your trade-specific needs in mind. This arrangement features several slanted shelves – a perfect fit for your toolboxes, guaranteeing easy access and efficient organization.


Two spacious open bays form part of this setup, providing ample room for your tool bags and essential equipment such as a Henry hoover. The unique feature of the Combo No.9 is its numerous euro container bays. These are ideal for neatly storing a diverse assortment of fixings and fittings, ensuring they are always within reach when you need them.


The icing on the cake? A continuous top shelf running the length of the racking system – an excellent spot for long items such as levels, piping, or conduit. With the Combo No.9, your plumbing supplies are not only neatly organized but are also conveniently accessible, helping you increase your productivity and proficiency on every job site.

Alternate Configurations

  • Combo No.17

    Designed for those who use Milwakee Packouts or DeWalt ToughSystem.

  • Combo No.7

    For even more Euro Container storage, the Combo No.7 has even more bays.

  • Combo No.1

    Don’t fancy the Euro Containers? The Combo No.1 replaces those with our Organiser Modules instead, coming with removable dividers.

Adding a Tube Holder

This add-on comprises two distinct levels. The lower level spans the entire length of the unit, creating a space suitable for long pipes or materials. The upper level features an adjustable stop, which can be conveniently removed or inserted, offering flexibility in storage length. This unique feature allows you to create shorter compartments of 1/3 or 2/3 the length of the Tube Holder, depending on your needs.


A crucial aspect of our Tube Holder is the design of its access holes. Strategically placed at the front of the holder, these prevent items from getting lodged inside, ensuring easy retrieval and efficient use of space. By integrating the Tube Holder with the Combo No.9, you combine the benefits of extensive, well-organised storage with the practicality of dedicated pipe and off-cut storage.

Combining with a False Floor

  • Bundle No.2A-9

    Combine it with a false floor. The No.2A can be configured with a drawer on the right and an open bay on the left for ladders/pipes to run through.

  • Bundle No.2B-9

    For extra security, a number of our false floors have the ability to accept Armorgard TKD1s. This bundle can have 2 with a through-access compartment to the left of them.

Passenger-side Racking

When looking to optimize your van’s space without compromising functionality, our slimline Organiser passenger-side racking comes highly recommended. This popular choice preserves the spaciousness of your van’s central aisle while adding meaningful, versatile storage on the side.


The Organiser features multiple levels, each supplied with a set of removable dividers. This design provides you with the flexibility to tailor your storage compartments to suit your needs. Adjust the spaces for larger equipment or tools, or create smaller compartments for neatly storing fixings, fittings, and other miscellaneous items.


This thin profile racking solution ensures that every square inch of your van is put to good use without infringing upon your workspace. Whether you’re looking to streamline your on-the-go operations or simply want to make the most out of your van’s interior, the Organiser is an excellent passenger-side racking solution for plumbers.

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