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Renault | Master | 2010-23

Floor & Wheel Arches Lining

L1H1 (SWB LR) or L1H2 (SWB MR) | Panel Van | 1 SLD

Important Information

This product listing is dedicated to our floor & wheel arches lining ply options, designed to transform your van into a more functional and organised workspace. We offer a range of features and customisations to cater to the unique needs of your day-to-day operations.


Ply Lining Material

Our floor & wheel arch options are available in 12mm uncoated ply and our 12mm phenolic mesh ply. Appearance can change depending on stock. For more detailed information about the materials we use, please visit our materials page.


Floor/Wheel Arch Style

Vans most often come with a stock plastic load liner. We need to know whether yours has this or whether it does not as it affects the panels cut. We do not offer a lining to sit with the plastic load liner on this van and it will have to be removed prior to our fitting.



While installation is straightforward, we recommend professional installation to ensure the best fit and finish.


Why Choose Ply Lining?

Ply lining offers a multitude of benefits. It protects your vehicle’s interior from scratches, dents, and damage that may devalue your van. It also helps to reduce noise, provides insulation and, with the carpeted option, provides a more refined look and feel. With our range of options, you can personalise your van to suit your needs and style.


Our Racking System

This ply line compliments our racking system perfectly. The heart of our product range is our patent-pending modular racking system, allowing you to customize your van storage to perfectly suit your needs. From various shelving options to additional extras, our system is designed to grow and adapt with your evolving business demands. You can find detailed information about our system here:


Our system




Please note that this kit does not include lining for the roof, bulkhead, sides or doors. These components can be purchased separately as required.

Important Information:


When purchasing this Ply Lining Kit for your vehicle’s floor & wheel arches, please keep the following points in mind:


  1. Vehicle Compatibility: Make sure that this kit is compatible with your vehicle make and model. The panels are precision-cut to fit specific vehicle types and may not fit others properly.
  2. Installation: While installation is straightforward, we recommend professional installation to ensure the best fit and finish.
  3. Additional Lining: This kit does not include linings for the roof, bulkhead, sides or doors. If you require these components, they can be purchased separately.
  4. Floor Types: Be sure to select the correct floor style when purchasing, as this affects the panels provided.
  5. Appearance: The appearance of the plywood can vary between stocks.
  6. Wheel Arches: Our wheel arches are designed to sit against our sides ply lining and may not work with other ply linings.


By taking note of these points, you can ensure a successful installation and optimum use of the Ply Lining Kit for your vehicle’s floor and wheel arches.

  • 1x Required Fixings Kit


  • 1x Floor Lining
  • 1x Wheel Arch Lining
  • 1x Both


Does not include:
  • Roof Lining
  • Sides & Doors Lining

Available Discounts


20% Off Ply Lining

  • We offer 20% off our ply linings when bought with our racking or false floors. Simply add both to your cart and the discount will automatically be applied.

Find answers to commonly asked questions on our comprehensive FAQ page, which is a valuable resource to explore before making a purchase or during the assembly and installation process. We’ve made every effort to cover the majority of queries you might have. However, if your question isn’t addressed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable team who are always on hand to assist.



Maintenance & Care

Maintaining the longevity and quality of your ply lining is important for preserving its function and aesthetics. The ply, especially the carpeted ply, is vulnerable to moisture which can often be caused by condensation build-up in the van. Here are some helpful tips to prevent and address this:


  1. Avoid Dampness: Do not store wet or damp items in the back of your van. This could lead to an increase in moisture levels, potentially damaging your ply lining over time.
  2. Insulation: Consider insulating your vehicle, especially the roof. An added roof lining can help prevent condensation accumulation, which predominantly happens on the roof.
  3. Ventilation: Adding a roof air vent and/or regularly ventilating your van can assist in reducing condensation build-up. It helps circulate the air and maintains a balanced moisture level.
  4. Door Seals: Ensure your door seals are water-tight upon closing.



We now offer a 1 year warranty on our plywood products. For what this does and does not cover, please see our warranty page.


Returns & Refunds

We make to order based on the customer’s specification. Therefore, once an order has been manufactured we cannot offer refunds. Please see our full returns & refunds policy for further details.

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Floor/Wheel Arch Style Options

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