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Bundle Builder No.1

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Important Information

Bundle Builder No.1


Meet the Bundle Builder No.1 – your personalized solution to transform your van’s interior into an efficient mobile workspace. Our Bundle Builder enables you to pair our full-length, 272mm high false floors with an array of racking options on both the driver and passenger side.


With this ingenious tool, you’re in charge of the layout, allowing you to optimise your van to meet the unique demands of your profession. Whether you’re seeking storage for larger equipment beneath the false floor or need specific racking configurations on top for your daily essentials, the Bundle Builder No.1 can cater to your requirements.


Please note, euro containers sold separately.


  • Full length van false floor/raised floor
  • Driver side van racking
  • Optional passenger side van racking


  • Customisable layout & tailorable spec
  • Cost savings – our bundles come with a discount compared to buying products separately
  • Uses our patent-pending system
Please Note
  • Depending on your jack placement and ply line, scribing/cutting to the false floor top may be required.
  • Euro containers, tool boxes and ply linings are not included. These are simply for visual demonstration purposes and can be purchased separately.
  • We cut-to-order based on customer specification and there is a lead time on our goods. Please contact for more information.
  • Fitting/installation is carried out at our premises and is subject to availability. Once an order has been placed, we can book you in for fitting.



We now offer a 1 year warranty on our plywood products. For what this does and does not cover, please see our warranty page.


Returns & Refunds

We make to order based on the customer’s specification. Therefore, once an order has been manufactured we cannot offer refunds. Please see our full returns & refunds policy for further details.

Kit Contents


Included in the bundle:
  • 1x Raised/false floor for your van
  • 1x Driver-side racking for your van
  • 1x Required fixings kit


  • Passenger-side racking


Does not include:
  • Euro containers
  • Tool boxes
  • Ply Lining

We are committed to helping you get the most out of your Yoke Vans products. In this section, you’ll find detailed assembly and installation guides in both video and PDF formats. These guides provide clear instructions on module assembly, installation techniques, and optimal racking setup. Please note that while our video guides are helpful, our PDF guides are kept more up-to-date and should be referred to for the most accurate guidance.


Installation Guides



In addition, if you’re unsure about which product will best suit your needs, our recommended layouts pages offer insights from our wealth of experience and knowledge. Please remember that these resources are provided as guidance, and installation should be adjusted to suit your unique usage requirements.


Recommended Layouts



Moreover, you’ll find a comprehensive rundown of all our products on our ‘Product Options’ page. This is designed to help you understand our diverse range of products better, and choose what fits your requirements the best. As every user’s needs are unique, we recommend leveraging this resource for making the most informed decision.


Product Options

Find answers to commonly asked questions on our comprehensive FAQ page, which is a valuable resource to explore before making a purchase or during the assembly and installation process. We’ve made every effort to cover the majority of queries you might have. However, if your question isn’t addressed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable team who are always on hand to assist.



Product Information


Product specification, such as dimensions & weight, varies depending on the builder choices. A brief over overview of the information is provided on the “Quick View” on individual product cards.



Product Specification/Dimensions

See “Quick View” on individual product cards.


Product Weights

See “Quick View” on individual product cards.

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Start Building

Raised Floors Options

Start by choosing a false floor. There are multiple options to choose from below.

Driver Side Racking Options

Choose the driver-side racking. There are multiple layouts to choose from. Further information including dimensions can be found by clicking "Quick View". Euro container/tool boxes are not included, these are for illustrative purposes only and can be bought separately.

Passenger Side Racking Options

Use this step to add a passenger side racking.

Material Options

Choose the plywood material in this step. For a detailed view on our options, see our materials page on our website.

Additional Modules

Increase your van storage by adding compatible modules. There is a discount on our modules when bought with our racking, which is applied at checkout.

Explore our range of extras

Looking for additional extras to increase your racking's storage capacity? Here are some that will work with our racking systems.